Repair Service for Automation Equipments

PLC Merkezi provides repair & maintenance services for automation products and at the same time sales for new, second hand and spare products. We prevent our customers from having problems and losing time by testing repaired products (compatible ones with our test systems).

PLC Repair

About PLC Repair: Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi, GE Fanuc, GEA, Hitachi, Telemecanique & Schneider, Modicon, VIPA, Delta and others which are not listed here, are covered by our PLC repair service.

PLC modules we can repair;
  • PLC CPU repair

  • PLC digital input/output modules repair

  • PLC analog input/output modules repair

  • PLC communication modules repair

  • PLC power supply repair

Operator/Mobile Panel Repair

Repairable operator/mobile panel brands: Siemens, ABB, Allen Bradley, Omron, B&R, Beckhoff, Beijer & Hitech, Delta, Eaton Automation, ESA, Hitachi, Krones, Lauer, Lenze, Ls Panel, Mitsubishi, Proface, Sew, Telemecanique & Schneider, Uniop, Vipa, Weintek (EasyView)

Operator panel parts we can repair;
  • Panel membrane/keypad replacement

  • Panel touch screen replacement

  • Panel LCD display replacement

  • Panel electronic cards repair

  • Panel plastic case/cover/frame/housing replacement

Drive Repair

We provide fast, quality and economical drive repair solutions with our experienced technical team. Some of the drive brands we can repair: Siemens, ABB, Allen-Bradley, Control Techniques, Danfoss, Keb, Telemecanique & Schneider, Sew, Delta.

Drive repair topics;
  • Drive power semiconductors replacement (mosfet, igbt, diode, thyristor)

  • Drive contactor and relay replacement

  • Drive thermal paste & heat sink compound replacement

  • Drive cooling fan replacement

  • Drive heatsink cleaning

  • Drive electronic cards repair

  • Drive program backup & revision

Servo Motor Repair

With quality equipment and professional team, our servo motor repair service covers; Siemens, Lenze, ABB, B&R, SEW, Bosch, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Emhart, Jetter, Delta brands.

Repair services for servo motors;
  • Coil winding

  • Encoder, sensor, resolver replacement

  • Spindle bearing replacement

  • Spindle vibration analysis report

  • Spindle gripper maintenance

  • Deep ultrasonic cleaning

  • Spindle insulation (megger) test

  • Spindle encoder signals quality check

Industrial PC Repair

Ind. PC brands we can repair: Siemens, ESA, Allen-Bradley, Advantech, Artech, ASEM, Axiomtek, B&R, Eisenmann, Esaware, Hitech, Mikser, Mitsubishi, Phoenix Contact, Proface, Wemhöner and more...

Industrial PC repair services;
  • Ind. PC touch screen replacement

  • Ind. PC BGA chip replacement

  • Ind. PC power electronic mainboard repair

  • Ind. PC disk image backup

  • Ind. PC LCD screen & lighting/fluorescent replacement

  • Ind. PC membrane replacement

Robot & Robot Equipments Repair

We handle mechanical and electronic repair of Kuka, ABB, Yaskawa Motoman, OTC, Fanuc brand robots. Repaired equipment is tested on robot systems in workshop, if it is compatible with our systems. We also repair robotic equipments like teach pendants, servo motors, drives, etc.

Robotic equipments we repair;
  • Teach pendants

  • Teach pendant cables

  • Robot servo motors

  • Robot servo drives

  • Robot electronic cards

  • Robot power supplies